Ayushya- A Healing Presence

" I have come that you may have life, life in its fullness (Jn 10/10)"

AYUSHYA is a National Centre for Healing and Integration, rendering thirty years of yeoman service. A pioneer in Holistic Health and Complementary and Alternative Medicine since 1985. Ayushya is owned and managed by Medical Mission Sisters. Ayushya is a Healing Centre designed to give Holistic treatment and Healthy living. It has an environment that balances prayer, solitude, leisure, group interaction and alternate therapies. All the programmes run by AYUSHYA help persons to enrich their body, mind and spirit.

Ongoing weekly Healing and Wellness programme, Health, Healing and Wholeness Workshop and Psycho-nutritional cure camps address the chronic and Psychosomatic illnesses, through Psychotherapy and Emotional Body Work, Health Exercises and Nutrition Therapy. Meditation, Yoga, Stress Management, Laugh Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Complementary and Alternative Therapies are integral part of Ayushya programmes.

We administer psycho-spiritual tools in order to refine perceptional beliefs and behavior, through Advanced Psychotherapies. We have formed new self-help groups for effective inter personal skills for prevention of relapse into old patterns of behaviour and life style. Our programmes have many specific elements for children, couples and individuals to develop healthy living, emotional regulation, spiritual integration and transformation. Social and physical health are equally addressed both at the group and individual therapy sessions. Spiritual therapies such as meditation, spiritual direction, journal writing and integration are given to religious as well as those who are seeking religious vocation, renewal and sabbatical break. Residential programmes are offered for those who are in crisis or conflict for rest and relaxation and those suffering with chronic ailments for treatments. Follow-up and continuing care will be given to those who are coming for workshops.

Resource Persons:

Sr. Dr. Elizabeth Vadakekara MMS 

Sr. Dr. Eliza Kuppozhackel MMS 

Sr. Deena Philip Medayil MMS

Sr. Dr. Joan Chunkapura MMS

Sr. Vijaya Puthusseril MMS

Sr. Maria Paravarakathu MMS

Sr. Theramma Prayikalam MMS

Sr.Marykutty Kinattukara MMS

Guest Faculty:

Dr. John Baby ((Former HOD, Psychology, Calicut University)
Dr. Vijayakumar (Trivandrum) Inter National Sujok Trainer
Prof. Pearlcy Alex
Soman Vaidhyan



Inspired by Jesus the Healer and the charism of our Founder Mother Anna Dengel, we Medical Mission Sisters in Ayushya reach out to bring healing and integration in persons, families and society to realize their God given potentials to the full.

Medical Missions Sisters

Medical mission sisters is an international congregation founded by Dr. Anna Dengel in Washington DC. Called to be a healing presence at the heart of a wounded world, Medical Mission sisters commit themselves to promote healing and wholeness in all aspects of life.



  • To Promote Health, Healing and Wholeness
  • To develop a new Health Culture in individuals, families and society
  • To enable persons to take self responsibility for one's health.
  • An Integrated/Holistic approach in promoting physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through Alternate healing modes and non drug therapies.
  • To promote Herbal Medicine. Natural Farming and Cosmic spirituality
  • Women empowerment through education, skill training and psycho-social and cultural rehabilitation.
  • Integrated growth and development of children.


SEND Registration fee Rs.200/- in advance by M.O. to the ad-dress below and reserve your seats in any Programme. Send DD in favour of 'Ayushya Centre for Healing and Integration Charitable Society'. The Programme Coordinator, Ayushya, Veroor P.O., Changanacherry-686104. The Programme is open to all irrespective of cast, creed or sex. Residential facility is available on request for those attending the day Programme. Accommodation is available for clients who need admission for treatment. Room and Board Rs. 300/ day Please bring loose clothing/salvar for doing yoga and exercises. Bring Torch, Notebook & pen with you. Office Time: 8.30am -5.00pm

N.B.: After submitting the form, take the print of the e-mail regarding registration, sent to your Email address.